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Nostradamus Prophecy Slot

Nostradamus today is a mysterious character mainly due to his ability to predict major world tragedies. He was a real man, but his story seems unreal, and there are a lot of arguments whether or not this historical figure indeed had ability to predict.

Nostradamus Prophecy Slot

Some scientists think that people just wrongly interpret his words. But Playtech is joining those who believe that he was an extraordinary person with special gifts. Their opinion on this matter becomes obvious when you load Nostradamus slot machine.

I tend to believe Nostradamus had predictive power just because I got free spins right after my first slot round. That’s a good luck that even the main character of this online slot couldn’t expect. There are only 5 free slot games awarded, but you can choose one of three modes with different extra features. Retriggering the round isn’t possible, but there are other great bonus games to expect.

Best slot feature for me is Nostradamus Predictions that is triggered randomly. This great seer will write down your nearest future, and his predictions in this case are always correct. You can receive a multiplier, have your reels modified for better chances of winning or get a grand win. There’s even one freer slot feature that can award several multipliers at the same time.

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